Monday, 13 February 2012

Our days are consisting of get up, work a bit on the boat, eat a small lunch, go run some errands, dinner, sleep. Today we got up to a brisk morning, but it slowly warmed up. It is not quite as chilly tonight.

Work today consisted of pressure washing the boat. We have a small electrical pressure washer that maxes out around 1700 psi. This is perfect for cleaning our teak, it works better than sanding and the teak cleaners and is way easier than scrubbing. Plus it takes off less teak than the previous options. I managed to clean the gel coat too; the boat is starting to look good. We just need to hot the gel coat with some restoring wax and she'll shine!

The errands today consisted of getting odds and ends, and getting a battery for the EPIRB. I called up the place that was recommended to us by a reader, and took the thing in. When I called they asked how old it was, the oldest date I could find was 2004, perfect. What we found out when we got there was that it was a 99 model, and they can't replace a battery on anything older than 12 years for our model, it's a safety thing, fair enough. What really blew my mind was the battery had never been changed. You have to change these things every 5 years because the battery loses it's juice. The previous owners had been registering and keeping up to date a EPIRB (which would pass onboard test) that didn't have the jam to contact a satellite if it was deployed. Just try to think of a battery that can last 12 years??? We're starting to find out that the owners before us didn't have a clue about the boat, and the owners before them were super diligent in their upkeep. We should have guessed by the expert persona that they gave Jennie. Not to lambaste them, but your EPIRB is probably the number one safety apparatus on the boat these days, and to go through the process of registering one that doesn't work???

Tomorrow the decks start getting sealed. I'm starting with the problem areas, and leaving the sealed spots alone. Here are some pics of me and our neighbor pressure washing on the same day. Can't blame each other for the off spray.

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