Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Work work work, and still more to be done. They last two days have been intense and tomorrow looks no different. Yesterday I decided to tackle a part of the teak decking that needed new sealant. I did about a 18 inch by 16 foot section. It was a learning experience, and in the end quite a success. The decks are looking mint, expect for a few black puppy paw prints (DEXTER!!!!!).

A tip when sealing teak decks, do it in small sections and tape it off really well. I taped it off and it looked good, but I should have done a smaller section at a time it would have been a lot less messy and stressful. It's a good thing it didn't rain.

Today I spend the day waxing the starboard side of the hull. Two coats, and she sparkles. Cypraea is starting to look a lot better (inside and out). Jennie has been busy putting things away in the endless storage space. We can now sit down at either settee. We haven't even touched the side shelves!!!! The challenge we face now is finding a durable wall mount for our iMac. We got the wall mount adapter (which they only sell online, to people living in the country which their credit card is, Apple is such a cult).

While on the topic of cults, boat yards are an interesting place to live. Green Cove Springs Marina is great. They have good facilities, are well priced, and everyone here has great advice. Though I kind of feel like I'm listening to Max Foley motivational speaker (SNL - Christ Farley), because they are all living in van's down by the river. Everyone is super helpful, and give great money saving tips.

Tips so far:

to get rust stains off gel coat use heavy duty toilet bowl cleaner (he said a name brand but I forgot, only cost $1)
to remove enamel paint from hull us "easy off" oven cleaner, spray on, leave for a min, scrape off with putty knife
(my tip) mr clean magic erasers work wonders on gel coat stains

No pics, sorry too busy working and running errands, plus getting to know the boat.... an endless list. We're doing our best to get the boat in the water early/mid next week.

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