Cypraea (the boat)

Cypraea is a 1984 Union 36. She is 36 LOD, 42 LOA, and build like a brick shit house.

I spent a couple years perusing,, and craigslist to get a feel for the market, and learn more about what kind of boat would be best to achieve our goal and get us where we need to go safely. After many discussions with blue water cruisers and research, in addition to owning a smaller sailboat (a Catalina 30), we came to the conclusion that we wanted a safe seaworthy boat, that was as big as Jennie could handle on her own. Sure we could have gone bigger or acquired more livable space, but we also found out after owning our first boat that boat size amplifies maintenance costs. Another factor was looks, we needed to like how she looked or else it becomes difficult to justify all the time spend working on her.

I researched the market and came up with a few full keeled, classic lined boats on the market in our price range, in locations we could leave from and sail the Caribbean first. we waited for a while and then decided to start sending out inquiry emails. We sent out inquiries to test the waters or boats listing well out of our price range, but to see whether the owners were just waiting for a sucker, or actually wanting to sell their boat. A couple were looking for a sucker, and were "FIRM" on their price, which I replied good luck selling your boat. When selling something you want offers, then you can gauge the market. One came back with a polite and honest reply, provided a survey, and answered all my questions. The owners had made a webpage with extensive pictures and listings. We made an offer based on that and priced it what we thought fair, and they came back in a rage that was doable, so we haggled a few minor items and made a date to buy it.

Jennie flew down, dropped it in the water started the engine, and signed the papers.

She's a beauty! Lots of teak and fully equipped for cruising.

We really like the design and layout. It might be a little too deep a draft at 5'10" to sail the Bahamas without extra due dilligence. It will however feel pretty good out on the swells.