You Me and The D

Who is this witty, brilliantly artistic, gorgeous, and awfully humble generation Y Couple? And who is the D?

Well here we are.....


Jennie doesn't want me to write up much about her, but..... Jennie is a doer, she's been the foundation of making this dream a reality. She was a lifeguard for 10 years, has a degree in Kinesiology from the prestigious University of the Fraser Valley, and is fully qualified in industrial first aid. These are huge assets on a boat. She is way more than a pretty face, and is stoked on developing her sailing skills, her confidence on the water, and exploring distant horizons. 


Dave is the dreamer, ever since reading the book "the Windcatcher" and the Horatio Hornblower series as a child he has dreamed of sailing to distant shores and living life through the peaks and troughs of the swell. No one will ever find him putting barriers infront of his dreams.Dave grew up around the water, not sailing so much, but from a young age he was bopping around making waves. He also grew up around cabin life, so has become very competent in the means of fixing things with little resources, this should make things interesting.

The D (Dexter)

Dexter grew up quick, abandoned at the supple age of six months, he was left to wander the streets in the coldest winter in decades. On frozen streets and icy beats, Dexter ran the gauntlet until the authorities got him. What a prize he was, he needed a little fixing, he was sick and put in isolation.  Jennie and Dave came around and life got pretty good for Dex. He got two (to four) square meals a day, treats, truck rides, boat rides, ATV rips, cabins, camping, and more attention than he could ever imagine. But it has gotten to his head, now feeling like the boss he's trying to take the pack like he took the streets. No fear in this dog. With endless energy and personality he'll definitely make his mark (and probably many more on the poop deck).

These three and limited budget should bring some humbled insight into "the real" world of cruising.