Thursday, 31 January 2013

Heading Through the Canal Today

Ok, it is time for us to leave the Carribean and the Atlantic behind. We had amazing experiences, learn many many things, and most of all met many life long friends.

We are to be picking up our advisor at 4:30 and should be transiting after. However delays are known to occur.

Maybe you will get a chance to see us go through on

The one thing I'm noticing is the water line is high and we have some dig people coming on. We met a really cool young Australian couple. He is a civil engineer and wants to see the canal pretty badly. And our friends Vlad and Attila on Bettie. Should be fun.

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Dave Grandpre said...

So you ended up going through on Friday. My wife and I did a half transit tour out of Panama City, and I think we shared a lock at Pedro Miguel and Miraflores. I have a couple of nice shots of your boat. Shoot me an email at and I'll send them along.

Good Sailing!