Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Attack of the Sloths!

For the months we've been living here at Red Frog, we have not seen any red frogs or sloths.

Well I found out that the red frogs like higher altitudes, which explains why only little Panamanian children bring them down and use them to earn tourist dollars. The Red Frogs then cannot survive at these low altitudes, so they die... Bummer.

The Sloths on the other had just started showing up everywhere in the last few weeks. We saw this one right beside the road, so I ran to the boat to grab the camera. There was another one yesterday crossing the road. Some Panamanian tourist in a bathing suit that would be illegal in most parts of North America was right up in the sloths face taking pictures and grabbing it. I would never grab one, because they are so filthy. I've decided the sloths natural defence is being the filthiest guy in the jungle. Anyways... I wanted to tell the guy to leave it alone, but I wasn't able to find the equivalent spanish word for jack ass.

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Kelley said...

This is a great blog! I'm getting ready to set off on my first long term sail through the Caribbean and Central America and sloths are one of the things I can't wait for! They were my favorite part about my trip to Costa Rica a few years ago. Thanks for sharing.