Thursday, 6 September 2012

Once in a Blue Moon

sorry for the phone pics

So after the A/C freon incident, we went to a full moon party. It happens that this full moon party at the beach bar was actually a Blue Moon Party. Jennie and I managed to work our magic on the 1 hr of free drinks for girls and had an excellent time with those in the Marina who can make it past 10pm.

Jennie and I got back to the boat, and soon after falling asleep my body decided I had drank too much. Perhaps a result of the 5 min freon exposure... We had a bit of a mess to clean up in the morning.

Then Monday was opening day here for the new washrooms/showers/laundry facility. It looks great and there are far less bugs than the old dilapidated ones, plus we can do laundry for cheap. In adition the the grand opening the marina, and residents of, put on a BBQ. Great food and dishes brought by all.

On a more sour note a bolt of lightning took out the internet for a couple days at the marina and resort. But we are now back online.

Vlad and Attila from Bettie ( the picture well represents the state of my vision at the time)

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