Monday, 14 May 2012

Jennie and I love Jamaica, we could spend much longer, but alas we must move on. I did a bit of deck sealing which kinda worked out, a few spots didn't stick to well as a previous owner liked to sand and there is very little groove left for glue. I will try again, but only have white left, it will look funny but it is only until we find somewhere dry to remove the teak deck once and for all.

Jennie and I went for a walk, Jamaica is a funny place. People may stop and talk to you and be very hospitable, and then around the corner someone may start trying to sell you something and when you say no thanks they call you a white racist. It was really cute, a three year old boy sitting on a bench with his mok said "look mommy, white people." We had a good laugh, mommy was quick to shush him. We have found Jamaica to be beautiful, and full of culture and great people. I think as a society they need to get over it and move forward.

Our stay at Errol Flynn Marina has been wonderful. It is safe, cheap, close to town and lost of attractions, and most importantly a nice break in a passage south. There is no charge to enter or leave the country, soon they will have 25 mooring balls, but as it stands they charge you to anchor. They provide showers, coin laundry, free wifi, there is a bar and restaurant by the pool, and a safe dinghy dock. Dale the general manager is an ex pat American who has spent a lot of time running marinas in the Caribbean. He used to run the Hemingway Marina in Havana, and he delighted us with some stories of Cuba-US relations. We loved how he calls their bluff on all the BS in the US. He was once taking a boat from Key West to Havana, when the US Coast Guard contacted him, he told them he was defecting. The pilot paused at that one. For anyone heading down this way, do not miss Port Antonio Jamaica, it is a fabulous Caribbean destination.

Tomorrow we clear out and head for Panama, 5 to 7 days of water. We plan on heading towards Portobelo, and if or when the wind changes, head to Bocas del Toro. It depends on the wind I guess.

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