Monday, 14 May 2012

Everything outside of town here costs a ton of money, of which we don't have. However, we try to do things our own way and things work out well. We talked to another cruiser who went to the blue lagoon, well it happens this place is now a huge tourist trap. Everyone was trying to charge some fee, of which they had no authority to. Plus they encountered a huge line of sunburned tourists. We decided to save the money and go on a hike ourselves.

We looked on google maps and found a road that led up a creek. So we followed it. The locals looked shocked to see us, but when we said we were going for a walk it seemed normal enough. We walked through all these concrete houses with locals lounging in the morning shade. Eventually the road got rougher and we started climbing beside a pretty creek. It reminded me a lot of hiking in the early summer back home, green and lush on a gravel road. We met some guys, Leroy and his friend, smoking ganga and we talked about the world and the nature of people. Leroy's friend advised us to turn around as some of the bushmen living up there were a bit racist. Leroy was walking down, and we thought it wise to heed local advice. Everyone was very friendly, but crazy is crazy. We have crazy mountain men back home too and a few times have encounters with them, so we had a good idea of what to expect. Further along we met young guy and his friends who asked us where we were from, we said Canada, and his attitude lightened. Half of Jamaica has relatives who live in Toronto. People love Canadians in this part of the world. It makes Jennie and I are really proud of our country. It's funny how you leave seeing so many messed up policies and issues back home, but internationally we shine as a country. Pretty awesome stuff.

Everyday in Port Antonio is full of hustle and bustle, except Sunday. Nothing was open, so we went to boat projects. I need to get on sealing more of the teak decks. I try to work early and late to keep out of the heat of the day. I must say that this time around my work is much better.

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