Monday, 27 February 2012

We head off continuing our adventure. Cindy is being picked up this afternoon, and depending on what time the tow truck comes will determine when we leave. There is bridge work going on in Jacksonville, so leaving at the right time is a delicate procedure. timing tides and bridge openings and available anchorages, I guess this is life from now on.

It has been raining here, and it just let up. There is little wind, which is ok when you need to motor a boat that you've never run before. A few things aren't working, the dinghy motor and our long range wi-fi. We  got a faulty part on the wi-fi which we need to swap with the company, which would have been easy two weeks ago, but we'll have to arrange to pick it up down the road. Last year I forgot to drain the carb of out little yamaha outboard.... bummer. We rushed over to pick up some carb cleaner and I gave it some dousing. I will try it further down the road and see if I need to remove the carb for a better cleaning or if it works. Luckily I can mount it in the cockpit to remove the carb, as not to lose any parts in the drink.

We also cracked a bottle of bubbly and toasted our trip in perhaps not the most ceremonious fashion, but the right gods got asked their blessing, and got their fair share of drink. We didn't change the name of the boat, this was just for extra ju ju. It can't hurt having higher powers on your side. If you don't believe, what's $3 of alcoholic reassurance? People spend hundreds on boat insurance of which they never use. Food for thought.

As promised, some more pics. We've been pretty bad about this, and Jennie is going to try to always have a camera with her.

I'm not sure what kind of wi-fi we'll be getting without our long range, so posts may become a little less frequent. They will be a little more interesting though. Wish us luck.
Easy now fellas!
Marine electrical is best done by skinny people.
Missed a few spots!
Ready to Go!
Manning his poop deck.

MMMMM smells like freedom!

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