Friday, 24 February 2012

Good news bad news, but mostly good. We started up the perkins today, turned the key and gave her throttle and she purred to life, no bleeding needed. I totally recommend everyone to install a bulb pump inline, infront of their primary filter. Very little bleeding of the lines needed. We also put up the genoa, the winds were a little strong, but they got even stronger in the afternoon. The sails are in wonderfull condition, they look almost brand new. The main power sources are installed and seem in good spirits.

We worked on installing our badboy extreme long range wi-fi, but there was an issue. Our antenna base was busted. I think it was a tiny little broken wire somewhere internally. They were great on the phone, we just need to acquire a mailing location down the road and transfer the pieces. Jennie gets a few weeks reprieve from mast climbing. Everything else went well, even local hub is working. Other than the malfunction issue, it is super easy to rig. And support was helpful, FYI.

Found out how much fuel is in the tanks today, their full. I was pouring into the baha filter, when Jennie say, "Oh you can hear the tanks expanding." then goosh! "get the rags honey, quick and something to spray to cut the surface tension." At least now we know where full is and how much the motor consumes, so we should be able to calculate roughly our tank levels.

Today was a big laundry day. Jennie is applying here super strategic methods to clean our clothes. Learning things like she can dry two loads on one drying cycle.

Cindy is getting picked up on monday. Theoretically we will have transfered our stuff across the continent, got ourselves across the continent, and drove us around while we provisioned and set up our boat and trip for $200 plus fuel and insurance. Boo Ya! The price difference is paid for in stress and luck.

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