Monday, 20 February 2012

It was a slow, but steady couple of days. We're just waiting for some mail, then we start cruising. Yesterday we had to hide in the boat from the noseeums (biting midges). They're a real pain down here, but I'm sure we'll figure stuff out, we have screens onboard for the cockpit, but it's hard to put up screens and work around them. The Van is for the most part empty. Just a few items whose homes are in a corner that requires me to shift a bunch of gear. The boat is in a steady state of disorder as we pack stuff away.

I installed the new foot switch for the windlass, and the wires have electricity. Which is a bonus because chasing wires on a boat is a pain. I found a previous owner put in mast lines for fishing wire through. I figure once the boat is in the water and we can climb the mast, I'll send some thick fishing wire up and use the fishing line to pull up the wi fi cord. This is a huge relief. The boat now has an official hailing port on the stern. Jennie painted it on this afternoon, once the bug issue blew away.

Dexter sure is going to miss his van. He hangs out in the warmth while we work. On sunny days he struts along the boat or sits in his favourite spot on the cabin trunk. Cruisers with pets always make a big issue about potty training their dogs on the boat. If Dexter needs to go and we don't get him down the ladder, he goes on the deck. The first time he went he did his business on the pump out for the holding tank.  Then we just wash down the decks or bag his business. Perfect, doggy training done.

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