Saturday, 18 February 2012

It's been a progressive few days, but it has felt slow. Probably the humidity. The van is near empty, no more boxes, just a few odds and ends. Items on our list are getting checked off, and the boat is close to being provisioned. We, and by we I mean Jennie, has compared prices everywhere, and when there's a good deal we buy. We're trying to stay away from fresh food and not to over stock on staples; we figure people live everywhere we're going, so they probably eat too. The things we are stocking up on are the more american things. Plus the heavy things, because once the van goes we're hiking it.

We have still got tons of storage space. Jennie teases me that she could have brought more clothes. Maybe another set of long johns for the tropics. She would probably wear them and then the joke would be on me.

I digress from my detour of our domestic squabbles. We did manage to find a strong mount for the computer. We went with a iMac to cover the TV and computer situation. It worked out perfect and the backing hides nicely behind a mirror in the head. I also started to use the Headlight cleaner (for cars) on our dodger/enclosure's Lexan windows. I put a comparison photo up so you can see the effect. I was shocked at how well it worked. Plus we found a bottle of silicone fabric waterproofing spray and coated the fabric, the water beads off.

While I was chatting with "Bottom Paint Dave". There are a ton of Dave's here in the yard and everyone gets a title. Bottom Paint Dave obviously is a master in his profession. He is full of advice and help. As we were talking this gentleman, who looked a little out of place wearing clean clothes and better hygiene than us was taking a picture of Cypraea. He said he was going to draw it. I asked if he would let me take a picture of his drawing. It looks amazing, but unfortunately I never got his name. Credit should be given where credit is due.

People in the yard are starting to warm up to Dexter. He sits on the cabin trunk all day watching the comings and goings in the yard. During walks he's always a sucker for a good back scratch.

We're getting there, hopefully we'll be sailing this time next week. Or even better safely anchored.

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