Saturday, 21 January 2012

Our list has gone from endless post it notes with random scribbles on them, to one page of 8 x 11 computer paper with a total of 15 to 20 tasks, and 5 or so that need to be done before we leave. We got the USCG certificate of deletion the other day, and forwarded it on to the Canadian Registry Office. A follow up call to commence on Monday to double check they received it. Then hopefully it doesn't take to long for everything to be finalized; they were going to process everything and just finalize the registration once they got that certificate, but we will see. A few final things to pack up, a Van to insure, and a bit of things to move, and we're done.

The plan is to leave Thursday night (Feb 2) stay at Jennie's folks place for Friday, and leave to cross the border on Sat morning to avoid traffic in Seattle. In addition we're not going to leave on a Friday... just to be safe. Then we drive to Portland, pick up some stuff tax free, and continue on to Florida. Once in Florida, we get a few things on the boat up to standard. Complete a bit of maintenance, and then sail up to Georgia for a day to get the boat out of the state to avoid taxes. At this point we will sail down the coast ASAP to get into warmer weather. 

One way we plan of saving money is to go to countries with lots of cruising grounds, saving clearance fees for countries where our visits would be short lived. In addition we have Dexter so this limits quite a few islands in the Lesser Antilles. The plan has evolved to Bahamas, then down to Panama, (maybe stop off in Cuba). We plan to hang out in Bocas Del Toro for a few months (starting around June, the beginning of hurricane season). Then head over to the San Blas, maybe stopping for re provisioning in Colon (but not for long, apparently whom ever named it had great insight into the future, its current state).

That's where I think we will leave it for now, two countries with lots of cruising, surfing, snorkelling, and pirating to be done.

Wait.. I mean partying.. . He He He.

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