Monday, 10 December 2012


Jennie and I stopped into Nargana to buy some eggs and chicken and connect to the web. We haven't had three straight weeks without internet since back in 1997. Woah! You want to know something, the internet is a major cause of stress, so much useless information that really has little or no effect on your life. The news headings are exsactly the same as they were a month ago. Our society lives in a constant state of fear, over things they have no control over.

So we hooked up and you guys are now blessed with the most important internet reading of your day, our stories and pictures that allow you to escape from the media fear mongering and drama. I am just reminicing on others blogs I read when still serving my sentence. They were awesome. Oh and I just brought up google news and the first two headlines were about a radio hoax gone awry, a pet monkey running around an ikea, an old politician dying, a eurozone crisis, and a hockey lockout..... We definately have better things to report.

Nargana was wild, relative to a small anchorage with a couple other boats. It was Mother's Day here and the Kuna were celebrating in a unique way. The moms were running laps of town while taking a shot of vodka each lap. Their kids were sneaking them water each lap. In the evenings they were bumping tunes until 4am. These guys sure know how to party. The amusing thing about this is Kuna women are very reserved and this was well out of character.

What gets us is they must have an issue with their water pipe from the mainland, because they were running up river to fetch barrels of fresh water from the river. Most of the places don't have gutters to collect rain water, which would save them a few trips.

Nargana is definitely a mashup of old and new. They have little thatch huts, with powerlines entering them and 40 inch flat screens blaring their version of american idol. Then they have dirt paths everywhere and a community wifi hotspot. No running water, but they are plugged in.

Another strange thing was they build this huge concrete foot bridge between two islands, but they also have all these dilapidated old concrete buildings falling apart everywhere.

One cool thing we did here was head up the Rio Diablo, which was a bit of a trip. It was such a jungle river, and there were Kunas doing laundry out of their boats and collecting water. No crocodiles were spotted, bummer.

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