Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Bocas rest stop: update

Time has been dragging along, Jennie and I are not quite fit for marina life. Dexter is getting bummed out by the marina restrictions and we are all itching to get cruising again. Things on our list are: pick up the macerator pump when it gets here in a few days, wind generator install (when it gets finished in a week or two hopefully), clean the heat exchanger on the motor, go to Costa Rica to renew visa, and leave. Soon enough we hope.

Our friends on Bettie left for the San Blas today (so jealous). Apparently there is a 3 knot current pushing you for a quick ride. All the best to them. Hopefully we can meet up with them in the San Blas.

A few projects and a couple injuries. Jennie is almost done scraping the old varnish off the cap rail, and I have been tuning up the Perkins and wiring in the wind generator. On the injury note, Jennie has had it rough; she was picking popcorn kernels out of her teeth and accidentally picked out a chunk of filling..bummer. She also was coming down the companion way while closing the hatch doors, got her wedding ring caught and dislocated her knuckle (it popped right back in), but left was a pretty deep cut.

cool blue led glow from our  new hood fan

I thought I'd show a couple nice menu items we've been making in the galley to keep costs down; flour tortillias and potato and cheese perogies. Yummy...

So days at the moment are spent waiting on parts, the wind generator will be a very welcomed addition to Cypraea. We go to the beach where Dexter loves coconuts by the way, so much that he ate way too much one day and spent the night puking because he couldn't digest the pieces he forgot to chew. Fun times all around.
Dexter has been watching too many vampire movies, he's starting to sleep upside down.


kim said...

Yummy looking boat food! I just found your blog we cruise full time 5 of us , we are in the Bahamas now headed south!

Jen said...

Hi Jennie, it's Jen from north can- been thinking of you lots/ sooo sorry to hear about your finger- ow!!! Hope life otherwise is treating you well and love following ur guyses blog... Xxoo