Friday, 29 June 2012

Raw Water Pump Problems

Took the raw water pump off to try and fix the leaking. The impeller was mangled, I put a new on in and added some grease. I even took the whole thing off the block and inspected the seals, they looked ok to the untrained eye, but they were not. It was all in vain, the leak remains. I guess I will now have to get Jennie to bring back a rebuild kit. The other issue was the replacement pump is a little bit messed, they put brass screws in the face plate, and now the screws are half out and won't budge. WD-40 and patience will have to do for now.

On a positive note I got an article accepted for a sailing publication. It probably won't be out until next spring though. So look forward for updates on that.

I guess all Dex and I can do now is wait for the battery to stop accepting over 3 amps of charge, and go to the beach.

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