Thursday, 10 May 2012

Ok, time to get serious. We all live in beautiful places, maybe not always in the eyes of locals, but the earth is a very impressive tear drop of the universe. I say this because as Jennie and I travel we have been noticing a bit of a litter issue. You may say that third world countries are known for this, but the US was just as bad. We throw shit out everywhere, and it floats in the oceans and travels with the wind. Garbage knows no borders.

Some states in the US, ah-hem, Flordia, (cough), don't recycle cans or bottles. This is disgusting, I'm no eco freak but a 5 cent charge is nothing, and you can get it back, or hard working less fortunate can suppliment their welfare, or kids can raise money for their underfunded sports programs. And plastic is horrible stuff, no matter where we are, remote beaches, crowded cities, harbours, offshore, or rural streets; plastic is everywhere. We saw more garbage than flying fish offshore, and there were lots of flying fish.

In most of the beautiful photos Jennie takes, we have to frame out the garbage. Some people try to keep the world clean, but it only takes a small amount of apathy to ruin the best efforts. Jamaica has garbage barrels every 150 ft along the streets and the beaches and rivers are full of crap. It doesn't matter the country, everyone is to blame.

As I said before, I'm definately not an eco freak. Burning garbage is cool with me, burry it, but try to dispose of it. Beautiful as the places are that Jennie are so fortunate to visit, it is sad the crap that is lying around. This isn't a wealth or class thing, cleaning up after yourself is a test of manners and intelect. If someone drips food on their shirt, they wipe it up. Maybe people need to take a little more pride in their planet?

So next time you see someone littering, go all crazy and yell at them, use all your authority, it's your civic duty. It's just a bad habit, like leaving the toilet before whipping your ass. No one want's to walk around smelling like shit, or stand beside people with poo stains on their pants; so everyone wipes their ass (except the real crazies). I know it sounds simple, but everyone wipes their ass so why can't everyone throw their garbage away propperly. So please next time you have some garbage, do us all a favour and dispose of it propperly, it's up to everyone to wipe the world ass.

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