Sunday, 15 April 2012

Hanging out in Hawksbill

So we spent a quick night in Hawksbill Cay, there were no boats on the moorings, so we thought hey we will hang on a mooring to save the sea bed from destructive anchoring. We hung out in the sun that day, did a little reading.

The next morning was calm, dead calm, so Jennie went up the mast. In our attempt to fish an ethernet cable up the mast, we managed to break all chasing lines that were left and take out an old weather station line. However there was a tight spot somewhere and we didn't get the line through. Bummer, we managed to gease the halyard wheels and get some pretty cool pics.

We then decided that we would not leave for Waderick Wells the next day as it was a Friday, and the days after were to be very very windy. We left for waderick and got a really good mooring spot.

So far we are just hanging out in Waderick Wells to wait out some blustery weather, blog post to follow once we get to an unlimited internet connection.

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