Monday, 12 March 2012

We have got this ICW cruising down. Sure it's boring and a little stressful, but our day goes like this. First off we get up after fitful sleeps woring about our anchoring (at least lately) in the 25 knot gusts. The time is 6:30 am. Then we pull up the anchor and start chugging. I put the kettle on and Jennie drives. I make coffee for me, and tea for Jennie. 18 dunks of the tea bag, anymore and she'll know. Next I drive for a bit. Then I go in and clean the dishes and make breakfast. We then take turns every hour or two at driving, untill Jennie makes lunch. We arrive at our destination 3 to 5 pm and set the hook. Maybe make a land fall, maybe not.  We make dinner, watch a couple episodes of Magnum PI, Jennie reads and I go to bed. We can't wait to get to hiking and snorkeling areas, but right now we are swamp cruising. On the plus side we have seen lots of Manatees, and tons of dolphins.

Tonight we are tied up to a mooring ball at Vero Beach Municipal Marina. $15 per night, that includes water, showers, dingy dock, and sleeping through the night knowing your rusty anchoring techniques won't have you waking up on the hard. Pretty good deal. We will do a few things here, then make our way south, we just need to get confirmation our wifi piece is going to get sent, pick it up, then wait for a weather window to cross. It is definately feeling a lot more tropical down here.

We were pretty bagged today, and forgot to keep the camera out for pics. Nothing really excited or out of the normal. Sunshine, blue skys and turquiose waters.

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