Tuesday, 25 March 2014

BCA Calgary, here we come

Jennie and I are very excited to be "presenting" our stories from the trip at the Calgary Chapter of Bluewater Cruising Association's April meeting. Time to work on a power point and hopefully bring humorous stories of our trip.

On another note, Jennie and I have moved to Calgary Alberta. Victoria was a beautiful city, and no place for a young couple trying to find jobs and get settled. So we went to the only place in the world with some economic traction, Alberta. Surprisingly and in opposition to what the media says, Calgary isn't in a hiring frenzy, or maybe it's just difficult for people to understand the level of competence it takes to captain your own boat on a minuscule budget to far away shores.

As always I digress, the motor is in and fixed and when we can scrounge up the funds to fly down and pay the rest and pull the boat out of the water, we will. The plan is to bank a little kitty and keep Cypraea on the hard till at the earliest next season. Then see where life takes us.

For those of you in Calgary on April 1st swing by.

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