Saturday, 24 August 2013

Yacht Broker.... well that didn't work out.

It may seem like it was just yesterday I was eager and excited to have my round in the ring of yacht broking. Wow what an awful world. First off the sailing world and boating world in general up here in temperate latitudes is full of so much ego. Holy crap is it off putting. The real reason I couldn't handle the yacht broking was the brokerage itself. When it has been three months and they still haven't shown the newbie how to access his webmail on a computer... My thoughts are RUN!

Yacht broking is great for semi retired salesmen who love to talk and hang out on a dock all day enjoying marina drama and talking about plan and how difficult their job is. Considering my first sailboat was bought off a Russian mobster on craigslist, and my second was bought online 3000 miles away within two weeks, I just don't see the difficulty. People want to buy a boat, you show them the boat, they like it or they don't.

I digress, yacht broking is not the place a 28 year old should be, too much sitting around waiting for the tide to roll in.

On another note, I have been working at a marine store as scour my way through potential careers that can afford Jennie and I quality sailing/life balance. Which has been great. We specialize in plastics and the marine section is secondary so I have learned TONS about fibreglassing. I have quite a few product lines well understood and I look forward to a few projects on Cypraea to be tackled.

We also bought some new rope and the rebuild kit for the old perkins. She is going to be a whole new boat in a few weeks when Jennie and her friend Terra head down deliver the goods and warm up a bit.

This time we got another Racor turbine fuel filter, with 30 micron to 2 micron filter cartridges. This fuel is going to be immaculate going into Cypraea's newly rebuilt motor. We also purchased new halyards and new traveler and roller furler line. The reason being that through the marine store job I get sweet prices. What a bonus.

And if you didn't notice in the picture, Dexter is becoming a sleeping old man. The otherday at the park Dexter met Bella the 1 year old Bluenose pitbull. after 20 min, Dexter was hiding behind Jennie because she wore him out. Plus he is getting a salt and pepper chin going these days.

Soon we will update you guys on Jennie's trip and all the exciting things being done on Cypraea, plus how she faired in Chiapas Marina.

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