Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Tapachula to ..... Victoria

We are rounding up on nearly a month since we flew out of Mexico. It was a fairly uneventful trip, Dexter flew like a champ obviously, and I'm pretty sure he just slept the entire time except when he got to rip around the airport.

A bit of a culture shock and not what everyone thinks. Life is easy up here. We definitely live in a world of convenience and consumption. The prices of things are outrageous, and yet pretty much anything you want is only a day away, or a 2 minute drive.

So in the month we visited family, each got jobs, just got a place to rent, oh and moved to a city where we were lucky to have friends just out of town who let us stay for a couple weeks.

Another thing we noticed upon our return is how awkward people are socially. I'm pretty sure smart phones and cubicles are to blame. Anyways, we enjoy meeting knew people and getting out there. Last Wednesday I went sailboat racing (Jennie had to work), just went down to the local yacht club and talked to some people until I was on a boat. Good times. No pictures of our cabin visit or race night as our cameras are packed away. Probably starting next week I might start putting up race pics.

Keep in touch for new posts about Victoria's sailing world and some pacific north west experiences.

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