Sunday, 12 May 2013

What's Next People

For the loyal readers of my rants and Jennie's wonderful photos, I'm sure you are wondering what is going to happen. In the near future when we get settled in Victoria, Jennie will bust out the photos and add more from the trip. We are going to be steadily working on small projects such as; engine rebuild, fuel polishing system, and other things we think up along the way. I think we will try to do some sailing in Victoria, maybe try our hand at some racing, so if you are looking for crew in Victoria let us know.

Cypraea needs a rest, and so do we. Things kind of started breaking, and now we are putting them back together. Hopefully once we find jobs we can start building up our kitty so we can cruise again soon, oh and replace and refine a few things on Cypraea. Luckily for us we are in one of the most affordable places to have work done on our boat. I'm excited to design some new stuff.

We are of two minds leaving the boat and heading back. We love our boat, despite everything that has broken, and we will miss her dearly. However, it is hurricane season and we just can't make it north on our budget and with such a tight timeline. We are fairly apprehensive about the "real world". We have been looking for work only to have our new cruiser social habits of, "Hi, how are you lets be friends." attitude being responded to with cold apathy. People seem so guarded. It appears the battle for generation Y continues, no one seems to want to hire young adults. It feels like older generations running the show like to imply our age is young and therefore we are immature and incapable. We have been reading the news and it appears because we are 30 we are all co-dependent children living in our parents basement, having them pay all our bills, while we live fearful in a life clouded with anxiety. Ummmmm, ok.

When you get out there and do something like Jennie and I have done, no really one cares. It was amazing how many people we have met who had just completed their circumnavigations, and even fellow sailors were very apathetic to their achievement, a bland congrats and change of subject. So we go back after an experience that challenged our capabilities to extreme extents and are faced with a world that has not changed in the least in a year and a half. What has happened, are people so risk adverse these days that they intimidate themselves into paralysis?

We wrote the blog to inspire others to go out and live their dreams, and we have inspired some. Don't worry, we will keep writing, just not as often and it will be a while before we have new tropical islands to explore.

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