Friday, 10 May 2013

This Ain't Over

Well Cypraea is starting to look put away, we have the sails off and unfortunately the motor out. The motor was already almost fully taken apart, so we will be doing a flight back down at somepoint with an overhaul parts kit for the mechanic. It will be nice to have a new(ish) motor in the boat.

Other than that it has been pretty dull for us here. We are taking Dex to the Vet for Mexican papers (mainly for flying him back later). Then it is pack up, clean up, and head up to Canada.

We have also been faced with the dreaded job market. Is it getting better? Too soon to say, but the haunting familiarity of long periods of unemployment and low wages is creepy back into our minds. The nice thing is we now have a firm escape route, to Mexico!

Mexico is a nice change, at least when it comes to accessibility, and prices. We can take the collective to Tapachula for 16 pesos. There we go to Wal-Mart and buy fresh produce at awesome prices 75 cents a kilogram for tomatoes, $3 for a massive water melon, and the produce is so much better than down south. The heat here is a bit tough, I think when the kitty gets replenished we will replace the coil on our AC. The sweet thing is we have access here to an AutoZone where we can buy R22 for the AC and R134 for the fridge off the shelf in reasonably sized bottles and with small pressure gauged filling attachments. On the west coast of Canada people just don't appreciate good AC like down here. It also hasn't been windy, so when the breeze picks up that will be nice.

We took The D to the vet, he was so well behaved. And for the very reasonable rice of $500 pesos ($45) Dex got a vet visit, a full vaccination workup (3 shots, deworming, rabies......) and his Mexican Health Certificate. In Canada it would have run us a couple hundred.

Just struggling to keep working and get the last few things done on the boat. Cypraea will get a long rest in Mexico and a bunch of work done in the next year.

It is very different on the Pacific side, so may west coasters, even people from our hometown. Don't worry, we miss our friends in the Caribbean immensely. The social aspect of west coast cruising is way less than in the Caribbean.

I haven't really written a post as of late, mainly because we have not to much to say. We are apprehensive about leaving the warm weather, entering a cold social climate, and dealing with an apathetic job market. Yay!

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