Friday, 1 March 2013

Welcome to Costa Rica

Before I go on a huge rant, I just want to say the last month of cruising in Panama was probably the best we've had yet. The anchorages were amazing, the weather great, and except for a wild ride around Punta Mala in 40 knot plus winds, it was almost perfect. Then we got to Costa Rica......

We pulled into Costa Rica's southern port of Golfito around 1pm. We anchored beside another boat in the supposed quarantine area and radioed the port captain... no answer. Cool we were tired and decided to tidy and radio a bit later. After 4 radioing attempts without an answer it was now after 4 and we figured he had gone home for the day. We resolved to clear in in the morning.

We woke up to the ultimate Friday the thirteenth, When you write out the date there is two thirteens in it, it turned out to be an pretty bad day. 6 am and time for a stretch, I didn't need to open the hatch as they were left open all night, "Hey Jennie? our motor has been stolen off the motor mount." "Jesus Christ this country is a shit hole!" we hadn't even been here a day and we have already been robbed. Dexter did bark a bit, but he was tired after barking at dolphins all night during our passage so much for the ultimate security guard, I guess he only barks at everything during the day. These guys weren't afraid of a dog.

The guys must have sneaked up in the night and pryed the motor off with a crow bar, as we had it locked to the boat and we could see the crowbar marks. Off we went to the Police station, where we explained that we had been robbed and we hadn't even cleared into he country yet. We spent the day running around offices and it only cost $65 to clear in, however the actual cost is somewhere around $2000.

We can't say much about Costa Rica yet, but as first impressions are hard to change, this place is currently a shithole. Hopefully it gets better, but after the amazing cruising grounds of Panama's westcoast, this place has little to see, and we are not feeling very confident about leaving our boat unattended when the theifs will rob you while you are on it.

So I guess I will try to glue the oar locks back on, or Jennie and I will canoe our inflatable around. We may also price out some motors, but they are a bit pricy here. I guess in retrospect it is a good thing we didn't buy a newer and bigger one in Panama City. I think this hit will shorten our cruising time.

We are tired and pissed after a day of apathy, oh this happens here from all the officials, and a lot of public office BS. The fact that yamaha 6 hp 4 strokes are not sold in central america should be a sign that if anyone ever is using one that isn't from another country has stolen it.

On the positive side, we are safe and after 9 months in Central America this is our first bad event that WE have suffered. My suggestion right now if anyone is thinking of cruising Costa Rica, skip it and spend 3 months cruising Panama's westcoast.

I'm supper frustrated and pissed off about cruising right now, so I will write the stuff about the past month in Panama another day. Plus I haven't eaten all day, but I needed to vent!

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