Saturday, 2 March 2013

The West Coast of Panama

Wow, what can I say, we have come to terms with our missing motor and hopefully my anger doesn't take away from how much we enjoyed the west coast of Panama.

We started off sailing from Panama City to the Las Perlas, then we headed down the east side of the Las Perlas, off around Punta Mala where we had some very rough weather  (40+ knots). From around the peninsula until we got to Costa Rica the conditions were amazing. We got to fly our spinnaker and spent every day with dolphins and turtles. Most nights we anchored off a small tropical island all by ourselves. The water off of Isla Secas was so cear and you could see huge tropical fish just cruising around.

(Once again the pics won't all go big so click on them for a larger view)

leaving Panama City
 on route to the Las Perlas
 deserted tropical beach
 sunset at anchor
 20 ft wide manta ray feeding


Dex getting angry at the Pelicans feeding on top of a fish boil

 all day spinnaker sailing
 get out of the way sleepy turtle
 just try and land on Dexter's boat!
 Head repair (after we cleaned it for an hour in muriatic acid)
 little birds (for some reason Dex liked these guys and didn't bark at them)
 What did Dex say about landing on his boat
fish boil
sunrise over Costa Rica

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