Monday, 4 March 2013

Our Time in Golfito

OK, so we took a few days to read and relax and get comfortable again. We were going to get our zarpe today, but were really into our books. We will be getting it tomorrow and getting the hell out of here.

Tonight around dinner time, just after dusk our nieghbour boat got burglarized. While we were in our boat 150 ft away. Costa Rica does a great job of selling this country to ignorant North Americans. So far this place is way way worse than Panama. We had friends who anchored off of Colon in Panama, a notoriously bad town (they could hear gun shots at night), but no one got robbed or hurt in the 6 weeks. Here people break into boats almost every other evening. What a shit hole. Anyways, as I said before, skip Costa Rica and head to Panama's west coast. We are leaving tomorrow for Drake Bay, hopefully away from all the crack heads and B&E artists.

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