Friday, 8 March 2013

Drake's Bay

We finally got out of Golfito. We had a lovely, yet slow motor around the corner to Drake's Bay. The bay was the anchorage for the infamous pirate Sir Fracis Drake. First thing on our agenda was rest, second was cleaning the bottom. We found where that 2 knots of counter current came from. I guess the transition from caribbean to cold humbolt current water and then to really warm tropical pacific waters again left a host of barnacles on the hull. At least it is done, but we did waste a bit of fuel motoring. Jennie and I just got out of the water covered in sealice... ewww.

Drake's Bay is really nice, however the anchorage is a ways from shore, and well without a motor or working oar locks we are kinda stuck on the boat. There are also these huge sailboat/cruiseships that anchor here, pretty cool stuff for those passengers I assume.

Another day of rest here, then up the coast  we go.

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