Thursday, 7 February 2013

Updade from the Pacific

During the transit, as frustrating as it was having Jennie chat away with passengers while no one knew what was going on because of our tight lipped advisor. Who by the way has had a few more poor reviews from other cruisers, but you can't pick your advisor. Where was I? Right, Jennie handed out our card to a passenger (David) who had taken a few shots of us. They look amazing, and we are definately running low in the water (check out the exaust pipe!) I say with the lack of bouyancy with the fresh water and the extra weight we were a good 6 inches or more lower in the water.

Right now provisioning is done and we should be headed out to the Las Perlas soon. On an odd note, the water temp here is 70 degrees!!!! The posphoresence is absaloutely amazing, like nothing I have ever seen. It looks like something out of the movie Avatar, very cool. We will get some pictures up and I will write up about our adventures in Panama City soon. enjoy these two, awesome pics. Thanks David.

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