Saturday, 9 February 2013

Panama City

Our time here in Panama is almost at an end. It was fun, but we are ready for a new county to visit. Before we head out we are going to visit the Las Perlas Islands and then cross to Golfito, Costa Rica.

How to describe Panama City; A huge and very confusing Central American city. It is very much like Miami, but with more people and more wealth disparity. We spent our week shopping and provisioning. Things are done and we are leaving on Sunday.

In short what we have discovered; the Pacific Ocean is much calmer than the Atlantic, it seems like most Panamanians are trying to take your money, and we want to get out of here before carnival starts with our wallets (unpick pocketed).

Nothing much else to say other than Panamanian manikins all look like silicone enhanced strippers. Young girls must be growing up with horrible perceptions of how women should look. Oh and for some reason the water is very cold (humbolt current) and there is the most amazing phosphorescence I have ever seen.

One last thing, Jennie did an amazing job sewing some new cockpit cushions and a cover for our dinghy, what a talented lady.


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