Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The River

So one of the coolest parts of the San Blas and the Kuna Yala is the Rio Diablo. We headed up there to do our laundry, bath, and cool off in the refreshing mountain water. The locals in Nargana canoe and motor up the river everyday to get water. They may have cable, wifi and flat screen tv's, but they cannot afford to fix their water pipe into town.

We went up two days in a row and had a blast each time. We were disapointed and never saw any crocodiles. We heard of reported sightings and our friends had taken pictures of one before, but no luck for us. It might have been a good thing that the crocs decided to stay at home while we were bathing. Even Dexter came up one day and jumped in for a swim all on his own. We were a little stunned by his bravery. He is now a full fledged swimmer.

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