Thursday, 17 January 2013

Photos of San Blas

 This was a lovely day sail in the lee of the reefs. 15 knots on the beam, 30 degrees and sunny, and a nice clean bottom to help us sail along at a brisk pace. Jennie got to read and tan while I busted out the music and practiced the art of rhythmic sailing. Dexter kept a look out for his nemesis... the pelican.

 The Coco Banderos were our favourite anchorage. They had great little deserted tropical islands with white sand beaches and crystal clear tropical waters. Jennie and I would walk around the islands while Dexter ran laps.
 Somebodies got crabs in a bucket! These little gems are to die for. They may have tough shells, but they taste way better than the lobster.
 The Kuna were out fishing for tuna on the edge of the reef. We bought one as we were running low on food before we left.
 Clear night on calm tropical waters.
 Bettie leaving the central Holandes Cays. I might be wrong but they were probably picking up guests.
 The beach off Green Island.
 Big sky country
The anchorage at Green Island with Cypraea in the front.

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