Thursday, 17 January 2013

Kuna Rescue

As Jennie and I were clearing out of the San Blas, a cruise ship had just came in. It was very strange to a boat (probably named the heart of America or something) shuttling pasty white and sunburned people onto small Kuna Islands where they walked around with their significant others in matching white pants, canvas boat shoes, and matching turquoise sun shirts. We skipped visiting that island.

We did clear out and aparhently it was a holiday, so everyone was at work collecting overtime and sitting in the shade. We had no idea and ended up getting a $20 overtime charge for a $13 Zarpe. Oh Panama.

As we were dinghying back to Cypraea Jennie notices a few Kuna in the Water with a cooler. We headed over and saw their submerged dugout canoe. They quickly handed us their cooler full of Balboa beer, and threw us a line. We towed the sunken canoe and 4 drunk Kunas to safety.

A job well done.

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