Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Christmas and New Years

It was one strange christmas for Jennie and I; no snow and lots of sunshine. We did manage to have turkey in the form of smoked turkey drum sticks. Jennie managed a masterful apple pie. We were stuffed and there was still lots of left overs after.

Then we had our new friends from Orion, Dolphin of Leith and Waka Irie over on christmas day for a huge potluck on Cypraea. It was a great way to spend christmas. The sun was shining and we were anchored in our favourite spot in the Coco Banderos Cays.

For New Years we had a beach fire on Cambombia Cay. The local Kuna Family came over to celebrate along with a dozen or so Kuna children. Apparently they all get sent to the islands over christmas while school is out. We got drunk and had a great time, we barely noticed the differences in language or cultures, it was a blast.

On an aside I took time to relax and not write so much during the second half of our stay in the San Blas. But we took lots of pictures, so it will be a bit of a photo journal for a few blogs.

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