Saturday, 26 January 2013

Blog Sellouts

I will be heading out on a rant on this one, but a few of the blogs we read are total sell outs. I was reading a post this morning, now that I am connected to the web and "the real world", and I get disappointed with bloggers getting sponsored by a company and then praising their product in every which way possible; especially before they have used the product for a while.

Jennie and I enjoy watching the UK version of Top Gear. We like how they will review vehicles. Companies will lend them their newest, latest, and greatest creation, then the hosts will give an honest evaluation. Such as; BMW has this great new M3 for 40 000 pounds more, but it is actually worse than the standard M3. Or the new Audi is only worth buying if you are a male businessman with insecurity about your private parts and enjoy taking the frustration of your tedious life on others on the road. Yet still companies send their vehicles to them in droves. An honest evaluation sells more cars than a purchased one.

So when I read this post about a bloggers newest and best anchor, I read through to realize they got it for free, and have never used one before. People say they are the best though. I guess that is why so few boats have them (insert sarcastic tone). Plus the anchor they got is 73lbs. You could probably throw a 73lbs cement block over with 300 ft of chain and last through most squalls. I'm sure the ancho is good, and I know any boat owner who wants to sleep good will get an anchor that they are comfortable with. However she was praising the anchor based on others (unnamed) opinions, and the fact they got it for free. If you are going to make suggestions about a product, use it first.

This all being said, if anyone is interested in sponsoring us with their products I will try not to have my opinion easily bought by: a new inflatable, anchors, motors, new stove, fridge/freezer, running rigging, wind instruments..... or our favourite cold hard cash. But lets be honest, in the end we are all easily bought.


Bart Simpson said...

I read the blog you're referring to, along with yours and quite a few other sailing blogs.

My favorite part of the particular blogger that you refer to is the positivity of her site and writing style.

For whatever reason the boating community is filled with grumpy curmudgeons-not that you are one, but it's one of my pet peeves.

I think that unnecessarily calling a fellow sailor/blogger a sell out for a product mention is pretty unwarranted, and contributes a needlessly negative tone to your post.

I don't see an issue with the blogger receiving free schwag, clearly stating the nature of the transaction, and repeating what they've heard about it in the past.

It's not like the blogger is singing untrue praises and not disclosing that it was a free product/sponsorship deal.

Suppose you'd heard that a restaurant was excellent from trustworthy sources. Later, the restauranteur offers you a free meal if you'll give an honest online review or just mention it in your blog. Would you be a "sell out" if you posted a picture of the food, along with an honest note about your excitement and an explanation of your comp'd meal, before ever taking a bite?

I wouldn't judge you if you did. And I certainly wouldn't write a post about you being a sell out on a blog, if I kept one.

Focus on the positive aspects of your own situation; You sound like a really cool person, who has created a really cool life. Accusing a fellow sailor of being a sell out-in a very public forum- is unnecessary.

Jessica said...

We just got a sponsorship through Rocna as well. They don't give you the anchors for free (us, and the people you're talking about), they only give a discount on their product.

Dave Wyness said...

I think your ativan has worn off guys.


Anonymous said...

As the saying goes, "What you say about others reveals more about you than it does about them."

Northfork said...

I totally agree with you on this one. I don't even have to go to the blog to know who you are talking about.

Dave Wyness said...

Thanks for all your responses. I love the feedback and dialogue. Questioning the status quo is what seperated us from the apes.

Kelley - Sailing Chance said...

Ha! I immediately knew which blog you were referring to. Rant on my friend. But hell, I don't blame them at all. We were able to get a few sponsors for our trip as well and we'll sure as hell be touting them in the near future. Just in a little more of an organic way with real opinions.