Saturday, 8 December 2012

The swimming Poo...l

Blog 5
 bJennie had thought she had left all her swimming pool drama behind, but she was wrong. We spent an awesome time in the Central Holandes Cays with our friends on Bettie. Then as the cruising life goes, they had to go west and us east. We went 5 miles to the west Holandes Cays, and entered the renowned San Blas anchorage cleverly named the swimming pool. It was like being back in the Bahamas, rays and nurse sharks, 15 feet of turquoise blue water and a nice sandy bottom. We daringly went past all the boats clustered in together and went to the far west side, where there was more depth and more room. We anchored next to a Tayana 37, and knowing we would act the same way in the wind and current were pretty comfortable. The wind had picked up so we let Mother Nature set the hook for us and put out 75 feet. Our 45lbs Delta anchor buried deep and we spend a nice evening over with our buddies on Salty Dog. The wind was brisk, it felt like the trades were about to build in.

The next morning we got trade winds from the north east and sunshine. Our wind generator made a huge amount of electricity over the night and the solar panels were working in the day. It was like being plugged into shore power.


We did however swing about 3 boat lengths in front of the Tayana with the changing wind direction. We knew we were firmly hooked, but the couple in the Tayana decided to come over and give us their opinion on our anchoring. Their boat was immaculate, so I guessed they might be a bit anal retentive. So they were, and told me they dove on my anchor and our chain wasn’t even touching. They did say our anchor was really dug in, but we should put our more scope.  My response was that the anchoring was ok, but if it made them feel better I would put out more scope, I would just be a bit closer to their boat. Plus I told them that the anchor they saw firmly dug in was a 45lbs Delta. Anyways, Jennie and I know that we can handle up to 50 knots of wind on what we had out, as we had done it before in the Bahamas. If we get over 50 knots we would be up and putting out the massive supermax in addition to what we already had. It was nice of them to go and swim our anchor for us, but I don’t think it was necessary, if in 30 knots the anchor is digging in and setting itself, at 40 it will probably still hold, and at 50 the radio is lit up with fear mongers and everyone is running for a lee anchorage. They were also convinced we were going to get squalls. Now they were weather gurus too…. No matter what swimming pool you are at there is always a little drama….. The squalls did not come.

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