Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Beautification Projects

A nice cool day meant time to get work done. I dragged the dinghy out and gazed at the horrific amounts of sea life encrusted to the bottom. The paint was peeling, some of the handles were coming off, and one of the trim tabs was persistently denying my repair attempts.

What did I finally accomplish, a much more refined dinghy. The trim tab is fixed. As an aside these trim tabs are pretty awesome. My little dinghy chine walks with just me in it. It is only 8 ft and has a 6 hp 4 stroke. I managed to get a couple coats of paint on the bottom, but the rain came and it did not come out as nice, can't stop the weather from happening. Then A little pvc spf, and some new harness holes for lifting the dinghy up at night. Lifting from the floor has caused a few sideways in the air dinghy incidents. To remedy I put a couple holes near the top of the transom to lower the centre of gravity, and they were further apart to widen the stance. I also took some time to really work out the rope situation for the harness instead of the last minute job I did before. We will see how it goes in a few days.

Jennie spent the day in her own little sweat shop. Our staysail cover is disintegrating, so we had some awfully coloured sunbrealla in the boat, and decided to some patch work. A little hobo chic. Can't wait so see it up.

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