Saturday, 4 August 2012

Where's the Beach?

I really wish I had a before shot here, the waves would just crash onto the beach, now they leave a film of water where it use to be just dry sand.

So we have now been here for a couple months, and one thing that I have noticed is the Beach is eroding away by a couple feet every month. It is an amazing and somewhat frightening thing to witness. I was going to write this earlier because I saw a good photo opportunity to show you how bad it is, but then the signs of erosion eroded away. I think the beach is at least 6 ft shorter now.
 Notice all the trees and debris
The water never even got this close to the grass before (and it is the no sweell/surf season here)

I think it mucst be a result of the polar icecaps melting at unprecedented rates. I am not a believer in man made global warming. I agree the world is warming up, but to have the ego to think we could do that is a little ridiculous. Maybe the sun is just getting hotter, or our orbit is getting closer. Gravity does have a tendency to pull objects.

These two pics are taken from almost the exact same spot just one straight into the water and one to the side. Seriously at least 6 ft less of beach now, at least. At it was low tide when I took the above shot today. The beach is way way smaller than it has been.

I think it will be very important in the future that society takes up an effort to have less negative impact on beaches where the removal of trees and debris helps speed the erosion process. But I guess it will just be the wealthy who own water front properties that are really losing ground... (pun intended)


SV Pelagia said...

Well, there is a TON of science that would disagree with you: that is, indeed, global climate change (over the past 100 years) is "man made".

Dave and Jennie said...

There is also a ton of evidence on the contrary. I just pay attention to what I hear, large solar flare hits the earth and then a hot summer in the northern hemisphere. Are humans making the sun hotter?

I don't know all the details, but I do know that if one person says the the sky is blue there is another that will say it isn't. Both of them are right.

Anonymous said...

Best just to check your tides twit, youve been going into the kings...idiots

Dave and Jennie said...

A very good point, people who live on boats rarely look at the tides, nor the phase of the moon.

simply put the tides here are 1 to 2 ft high. The beach has lost 20 ft of sand, and everyday there is a new cut out of the beach. One might say the surf is up, but the surf is down because there is no significant weather in the Caribbean.

WTF does "you've been going into the kings" mean?

If the arctic ice pack is melting (which it is) wouldn't the ocean's water level rise?

Telling a sailor to check the tides might be the most "twit" comment I've heard in a while.

But your input is appreciated...anonymous