Friday, 10 August 2012

Jennie's Back!!!

I picked up Jennie after 22 hrs of traveling. I mentioned how Jennie was hassled going into Canada, but going through the US and into Panama, not even a blink. I think the security for countries is messed up. If I was a terrorist group or drug smuggler I would send hot blondes to get through customs. Jennie flew to LAX and then Panama City (on a red eye), then taxied across town to Albrook domestic terminal where she flew to Bocas. In the domestic terminal she got flack for having a bag of AA batteries.

I picked Jennie up and we stayed in town at a nice hotel; A/C. TV, a nice bed were all included. Then we went to dinner at El Ultimo Refugio which was by far the best meal I have had in a very long time. The plates were big and full. The prices were a bit higher, about $12 per plate. The food was amazing. I had the blue cheese pork tenderloin, I think they served me an entire pork tenderloin, with really tasty sides. Jennie got a really nice salad with grille chicken. I would recommend anyone stopping in at Bocas for a stay to go eat there.

After that Jennie wanted to experience the Aqua Lounge. So we went over there on a $1 water taxi ride and had a blast. Dancing Drinking, generally acting childish. Jennie confirms that it lives up to it's reputation.

The next morning we woke up a little haggard and just our luck, the power for all of Bocas was out. This meant no TV, no A/C, no water pressure (pumps off). So we were a bit pissed. The complimentary breakfast was really good though, not your holiday inn stale muffin and cup of yogurt. It was a sit and be served affair.

We got back to the dock on the water taxi to see Dexter waiting for us. He then jumped into the boat frightening the living daylights out of the locals on board. He was pretty happy to have us back. We do think he decided that he was pack leader while we were gone at the expense of Russ and Shelley. They took him for a walk to the beach and he took off after a while to go back to the boat. Now Dex is happy to have Jennie back, but is a bit disappointed he is now 3rd in the pack order.

Jennie brought back lots of good stuff, like a new waterproof camera. This should help in the picture taking. I know posts got a bit slow there, but now we have our parts order in and the stuff Jennie brought back. Lots of stuff happening just now again. Look forward to some project blog entries and maybe some inland travelling. Plus now our pictures will have one of us in them again instead of just  landscape shots.

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Jeff Massey said...

Glad you two are back together.

Hey there is a good steak house called "Jimmy's" in Panama City near the Casino and Convention center in the San Francisco area.. cheap steak and cold beer. Also a Chinese restruant in the "EverGreen" bldg on the 4th floor.

Cause way in Panama City has some great pizza places with wood fired ovens. Ingredients are pretty good.