Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Pickled Parrot

Today we went to the Pickled Parrot for a pig roast. The bar was awesome, right over the water and you can watch people surfing. A very caribbean vibe. The one disappointment for me was the amount of food. Not enough pig on my plate and no crispy skin... bummer. Beers were a dollar so I guess we can't win everything. Rana Azul still trumps, but for sun downers or just a chill spot to drink, this is one of the better bars in Bocas for sure.


Jeff Massey said...

Dude, whats up? Your posts have slowed or stopped. all well?

Dave and Jennie said...

yeah Jeff, I have had nothing good to post. Working on a few things back home. Life is definately not in the fast lane at the moment. Jennie gets back soon and the boat parts arrive too. Things will pick up again. But for now Dex and I are vegging out for a bit.