Tuesday, 10 July 2012

In the wake of thus shocking news, I have been impressed with The Bocas community. Together they're supporting the cruisers in ways you would not see in elsewhere in the world. Most are providing some distance to the couple as most people in grief need time to come to their senses. There is a force here of help and support, so the couple must feel like they are cared for.

On the radio I heard that Dana from Bocas Marina offered them a couple weeks at the marina aux gratis. Dana was great with helping us in our order of marine stuff, and I would I am not surprised in the least bit by this outreach. Everyone is trying their best to reach out and help without offending or overstepping their boundaries.

The couple is doing as well as can be expected considering the circumstances. I talked with them the other day, I think for the most part they just want to be done with the Panamanian authorities. The presidential plane, and we think the president, flew into town yeasterday. They have confirmed the identity of at least one of the assailants via mugshots. The cruiser/expat community is gathering a reward and putting up posters. I don't think this is being taken lightly by anyone.


Princess Aboard said...

I'm glad to hear everyone is taking this very seriously and pulling together to help where they can.

Jeff Massey said...

Thanks for the first person update. Having been to Panama before I appreciate the updates.