Thursday, 5 July 2012

Happy Holidays

On what must appear to folks back in the "real" world; Jennie, Dex, and I are on a permanent vacation. The reality is we even take time to celebrate. Sometimes, we have to celebrate another country's holidays. Being the only Canadian in the marina, we got to tag along and be honorary Americans, so happy 4th of July everyone.

Dex and I went to Palmar Tent Lodge for a BBQ on the beach. There were tons of people who made the trip over from Isla Colon to enjoy the festivities. Then Dex and I went back to the marina, where Red Frog put on a bit of a BBQ for the residents and workers. Hotdogs and burgers were eaten, beers were drank, I even got a bit of sun. We topped it off with a few of us more juvenile cruisers heading back to the beach to light off some old fire works.

Jennie is back home in Vancouver, she was really excited to get to wear only a t-shirt yesterday. It has been a bit cold I guess. The weather was 55 F or 10C the past few days.  This worries me, because when it gets bellow 25 C 75F I start getting the chills now.

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday, if you had one; if not I hope you got to enjoy someone else's.

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