Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Good Bye Angel Share

When we arrived at red Frog, there was this enormous Wally sailboat. It was very impressive. We have determined it is taller than a cruise ship, 130 ft long, and owned by some billionaire of whom the crew is contracted to keep his identity secret. No one was allowed in, but they informed me that it was all covered with cloths to keep the interior clean.

Their crew were awesome. Young, fun, and we had a few good times out on the piss. I don't think any of them were mentally much over 22, at least off the boat. But they kept it professional when they had to.

They are off to Costa Rica, where the owner wants to visit his boat there. Back to the high rent district for them. We may see them coming back through the Canal when we head into the Pacific and they come back out.


Anonymous said...

Very impressive machine!

Anonymous said...

the term 'angel's share' means evaporation of barraled liquor.

Dave and Jennie said...

Cool, I did not know that. If anyone can figure out who own this let me know. It was some big hedge fund guy, but the crew couldn't tell us.

Anonymous said...

I think this might be it: