Saturday, 7 July 2012

Getting Sick on a Boat

Getting sick on a boat is no fun. When we arrived at the marina there was a bug going around that was not too pleasant. People were boat ridden for weeks and in pretty rough shape. I guess that is a benefit of living on the hook; you are less likely to pick up the flu.

When I worked at a bank I would get sick once or twice a year, but we had people coughing in our faces and were handling money (the dirtiest thing on earth). Cruising has been nice because we are not over exposed to people and live a pretty active and healthy life.

Well on July 4th everyone came out for a bbq, and I'm pretty sure it started then. The next day I woke up feeling a bit nauseous and light headed. I had a good idea what I possibly would be in for, so I took no chances. The glands in my neck were swollen which is a pretty good sign that you're sick. So I grabbed the med kit and riffled through. I found some Buckleys and Advil cold and sinus and spent 3 days in the boat. Luckily the weather was bad and the boat was cooler. Not a lot of fun, but I thinkI avoided the worst of it. Maybe being 30 years younger than everyone else, and not as long removed from society's coughing and hacking masses helped to. So today I feel a bit better and the sun is out. I might try to get some work done... who knows.

My recommendation to anyone cruising is to go to your Dr. while you still have coverage for prescriptions and create a really good med kit. When you do, don't forget the basics like flu meds and sinus meds. The most likely ailments are the same no matter where you are.

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