Saturday, 16 June 2012

What Next?

 Jennie and I are firm believers in things happen for a reason, and are now noticing that for those of us who choose to jump, life throws us a net. Cruising at a young age is physically easier, unless you suffer from debilitating  nerve damage and chronic pain, but financially harder. If we had a public pension we would be living like kings, but we don't. We were faced with a few hard choices, our place hasn't sold, our accounts were not providing the buffer we were use to, and we have no income.

Jennie and I work in a funny way, we set a goal and make about 6 plans to achieve it. Then we adapt to the situations we face. We were going to put the boat on the hard and fly home trying to get jobs. However; there are no jobs, and no airline will take Dexter either because of his breed or because of heat restrictions. Life has a way of working out, and the cruising kitty replenished, it honestly could only have been fate. The only wise financial option now is to carry on with our plans to achieve our goal. We can now equip Cypraea with a few ocean crossing essentials and Jennie is going to fly back and rent out our place.

It has been very emotional time. We have truly had to face the intimidation that crossing an ocean brings, and for Jennie with her back issues and chronic pain, it came to a front. We are probably going to see if we can find someone who will cross with us, as it is a challenge with just two, and the motion of the sea in poor weather can wreak havoc on Jennie, but she is tough as nails. I am trying to get Jennie to write a post on cruising in pain, as I know many cruisers give up their dreams because of debilitating accidents, and I think Jennie is a great inspiration and role model. One in five North Americans suffer from chronic pain, so I can imagine we have some readers who would be interested. I'm not the one to write about it though, so if it is something you guys might be interested in, send us an email or comment and let Jennie know. It is very impressive how she manages this lifestyle, and I honestly don't know how she does it.

Cypraea needs a few things for crossing oceans; a tune up for the perkins, a wind generator, a current certified life raft, and wind indicators (nights are rough when you don't know where the wind is coming from). We also need to buy one or two cheap laptops for navigation... This humidity. The plan is Jennie goes back and collects needed items and rents out apartment, I stay work on the boat and baby sit our dog.

To end on a humorous note, the rain has stopped the past few days making it a strange sensation to feel water hit you inside the boat.... Oh no... That's not water... The hatch is open.... Dexter!!!!!!!!!!


Princess Aboard said...

Hopefully us followers clicking on ur Ads helps a lil bit too :)

Dave and Jennie said...

It does, every little bit helps. Thank you.