Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Cruiser Voodoo

We had a bizzare encounter today that really creeped us out. Bocas has been sending us weird vibes, but we got to the point today believing it was in our heads because our cruising pace has slowed considerably. We did our best to turn our frowns upside down, and headed into town for some groceries and ice cream. Ice Cream makes everything better, and we weren't gonna let a few negative thoughts ruin our improving moods.

Well as we were dinghying over to the dock, maybe a 200 yard trip. I saw something strange in the water. At first it looked like a deer, as I have seen a few dead deer floating around back at home, but then thought otherwise. I look at Jennie and say "I think there's a dead dog floating over there." We went to check it out. What we found was a small golden dog about Dexter's size with a new red collar floating near the top of the water. This dog looked healthy and cared for, and we feel awful for the owners. It looked liked someone had tied a string around it's neck, our hunch is someone killed it. Probably a retaliation or threat from a local miscreant to a gringo. We left with all our bad vibes returned. We went to a closer restaurant full of gringos and asked if there was anything to do about the dog, as the authorities wouldn't care, and who knows who to contact. Jennie and I were not keen on moving it or touching it in case it had some disease. So some poor dog is left for the sharks, if any sharks are around.

We do not have any photos. It was a little disturbing as dog owners to see a perfectly healthy looking dog, who was someones pet, dead with no visible injuries. We didn't think photos appropriate for the blog. Life sure is different down here.

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