Friday, 1 June 2012

Red Frog Beach Take 2

We woke up to sunshine, rather than overcast and rainy, such a day could not be wasted. We climbed into the dinghy and putted over to Red Frog Beach. There are other beaches on Isla Basimentos, but we can only manage one at a time. We parked at the marina, to avoid the fee we were charged last time, I think we were taken, next time we ask for a receipt.

New Bond girl?

We walked over to the beach, about 10 minutes along a gravel road. The road is fringed by palms and banana trees, and the sounds of the jungle are everywhere. The beach is nice,  however full of backpackers nursing hangovers and working on tans. Dexter ran around a bunch, chasing Jennie and me to the waters edge. He didn't attack the waves this time. Then we sat in the shade, and got bored so we decided to head back. One added attraction is we found free showers with hot water.... Bonus! When our projects and prepaid internet here runs out, I think we will head over there and set the hook.

Aparhently people have been getting mugged on these beaches, guys jump out of the jungle with t-shirts wrapped around their faces and machetes. One nice thing about having Dexter is the locals are afraid of dogs, especially loud protective ADD dogs with giant teeth. We don't bother telling them how friendly he is, but we are sure he wouldn't hesitate to defend us if one of these jungle thiefs came at us. Another bonus of having a dog while cruising, thiefs tend to take a pass and head over to the next, easier target.

Dexter struttin

In another note I forgot to put sunscreen on my face.... So now I'm nursing a burnt forehead and nose. I managed to get sunscreen everywhere else, but not my face. It will be a rough couple days trying to stay in the shade.

 This spider was the size of my palm...woah!

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