Friday, 8 June 2012

Efun on a boat

Electronics nowadays are a necessity anywhere, boats included. Sure there are a lot of marine electronics; radar, gps, radios, that have been water proofed. However, computers, ipods, tablets, laptops, cell phones have not had the same aquatic defences applied.

When we left we brought older electronics and newer ones and all was well, until Panama and the heat and humidity. We have one hp laptop with a wrecked battery, another hp that has been smashed with a working battery, and one power chord for both. The batteries are not inter changeable, and the older one with the working battery had to take a break for a few days. We couldn't get it started, until today it started when Jennie took the battery out, then I moved it and it shutdown again, then we replaced the battery and it started up. So we are back to where we started.

We have a ipod which control stopped working, and a playbook whos battery wouldn't take a charge for a couple days. So far things seem to be working, but that can change. My recommendation for anyone bringing land lubber electronics onto a boat, buy lots of cheap ones. They will break for a bit or forever, you don't know, but they will stop working.

The other thing is electronics kill your battery bank, people complain about fridges, but computers are the worst. If you plan on bringing your electronics, add an extra solar panel and wind generator, you'll need it.

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Kelly Larson said...

Just got a good laugh! Efun on a boat reads like f-ing on a boat. Had to read and reread to make sure there was no sexual connotation. Got it now...E-fun. :)