Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Anchorages are a very interesting place. Lots to watch, new people arriving and leaving, a tight area filled with people from all walks of life. The southern anchorage in Bocas is no different. We have had guys in canoes cruising around scoping out boats for what they can steal. Dexter does a good job of letting them know that someone is watching them. One neighbour, while she was in town had a guy pull up and start taking inventory so I yelled at him. My yelling and Dexter's barking persuaded him to move to the other side of the anchorage and scope out some catamarans.

Lately it has been raining, the kinda rain that makes the Pacific North West seem like a desert. We had 5 inches in 20 hrs. It was intense. One of our neighbours is this guy in maybe a 22ft boat who showed up a week or so ago. He appears to be on an even tighter budget than us. From the beginning he gave me the creeps, no wave, he would pretty much walk by us brushing shoulders at the dinghy dock or in town and not even respond when I say hi. Plus he lives on a 22ft boat in Panama, he is probably running from something. His dinghy deflated a few days ago, so without his dinghy he has been a bit boat bound, and without canvas stuck inside the tiny cabin. I was thinking of heading over and giving him a spare pvc repair kit, but yesterday he started getting in yelling matches with Dexter. This just spurred Dex on, and we had to drag Dex inside. So officially I am ready to declare one of our neighbours insane. Our other neighbours love Dex, and even the local panga drivers egg him on while they pass. However Dexter doesn't wag his tail at this one guy, so we know something is off.

The nice thing about anchorages is you can move, and if this odd ball doesn't like Dex he can move somewhere else. We were here first, and he's not really bothering us. It is his choice to move, but I think he just has a bit of cabin fever and maybe withdrawls from something.  Life is slow, and we have now entered the realm of cruiser procrastination. So many things to do, so much time.

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Matt said...

Dex is smart and dogs have a better feel for these things so if he thinks crazy neighbor is not right, I'm inclined to agree. Y'all keep your eyes open and stay safe, there are nicer spots out there that you will get to soon.